Women's Chic Fashion

Dottie by cdot-993 featuring a leather top

Yves Saint Laurent colorful dress
$1,620 –

Zimmermann balcony bra

T By Alexander Wang leather top
$130 –

New Look genuine leather shoes
$20 –

Chanel shoulder bag

Ben Amun gold plated jewelry
$110 –

Oasis facet jewelry
$16 –

Is it Friday yet?

Women's Chic Fashion
Is it Friday yet?

Fenn Wright Manson floral skirt
$61 –

Floral shoes

Nico Giani leather purse
$530 –

Coral jewelry

Hermès watch

Linda Farrow vintage sunglasses
$270 –

All black with a pop of color!

Women's Chic Fashion
All black with a pop of color!