Designer Spotlight: David Koma

Designer Spotlight

Georgian born designer David Koma showed off his 2011 fall line at London’s fashion week. Koma, short for Komakhidze is known for his futuristic yet  playful designs, including the popular metal tubes. In 2009  stars like Beyoncé, and Rihanna  have been seen wearing Koma’s eclectic artwork. Lady Gaga wore Koma in her video “Dazed”.

For this spring season Koma played it safe by sticking with white and blushed pink, pleated dresses. Colors of black and white and some metallic gold were added to the pencil skirts and  bodices with bold, linear patterns. In two words described: futuristic and ballerina styles combined.

 Koma designed clothes for Top Shop that went on sale February 16. Unfortunately I went to the website and discovered that some pieces are only available if you change your region to Britain. But no worries, just look for dresses with some jeweled or beaded detail around the top of the shoulders and pleatedskirts or dresses. I found some similar styles from Macy’s, Forever 21 and Top shop.

$22.99 Macy's


$72.00 Top Shop

$17.80 ForeverXXI

$17.99 Macy's

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